WHY R-501?

R-501 is a foam insulation product with a decades-long track record in commercial structures like WAL-MART, CVS, Lowe’s and AutoZone. The standard R-value for loose insulation and polyurethane foams are between 4.9 -5.6 for an 8 cubic foot space. The R-value for R-501 is 11.05, making it the highest R-value rating for foam insulation products.

R-501 is produced from kiln-dried resins and a foaming agent. The resins are water-blended and distributed with the foaming agent to a pump system. The R-501 is installed by injecting the blended product into pre-drilled holes in the structure. Cavities of up to 10 feet are filled entirely, while a top filling procedure is used for shorter walls and foundation insulation.

R-501 is installed by trained professionals, is OSHA compliant, odor-free, CFC-free, and does not produce fumes, gas or emissions. R-501 is the highest-rated, safest option for commercial foam insulation.

Insulation Types


Loose fill insulation is inefficient in design and execution. When utilizing loose fill, masons stop laying block work, push sacks of the insulation material up the wall, and try to pour the insulation through open cells. Loose fill insulation is a dry, loose material that can blow away or fall out of a punctured cavity, with no way to replace it. This causes waste and an ineffective cavity that is not fully filled with insulation.

R-501 is installed after masons have finished their block work. The foam is injected, flowing from cell to cell, and providing a complete fill of the cavity. Once the foam is in place, it stays there for the life of the building; no loose fill falling out, no waste, and no ineffective walls.



Wall board insulation is intended to insulate spaces between blocks and brick fascia. R-501 is a less expensive alternative to wall board, and proves a higher R-value in the long run.

R-501 has double the R-value, and less cost than wall board. Wythe cavities are usually 2 inches wide. Since many architects wish to leave this cavity open, only 1-inch wall board can be used, which has an R-value of 5. On the other hand, a wall filled with R-501 yields an R-value of 11.05.



R-501 is a perfected, dry foam technology at its finest. While some foam insulation is pre-mixed, R-501 is dry powder foam, specially made from fresh components at the time of installation. This ensures a more stable, superior product than the pre-mixed resins, which have a shorter shelf life and inferior installation.

R-501 is environmentally safe, non-toxic, odor-free, CFC-free, and does not produce fumes, gas or emissions. It comes in recyclable containers and is installed safely by trained professionals without disrupting other site work.

R-501 insulation has higher R-values than industry standards, and is a cost-effective, safe, superior solution for commercial structures.

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